Contact us today for a great deal on some used ASME tubes. Previously in compressed air service. 3400 psig MAWP. Dimensions are 24" OD and 20' 6" long. Come with brackets and can be configured into 2 or 3-tube modules.
Shipments are in, and we have the below sizes in stock.

49L - 300 cf
43.3L - 250 cf
27L - 150 cf
21.6L - 125 cf
15.74L - 80 cf
10.82L - 55 cf

Cylinders are DOT/TC dual-stamped.

Contact us today for a quote.
Contact us about our Y-Ton cylinders that come standard with galvanized steel skids and straps. With optional valve and diptube installation, they are perfect for transportation of Silane (SiH4), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Ammonia (NH3) - just to name a few. Make sure you ask us about available volume and prepayment discounts.

ENK Tenofour announces that Larry Behrens will be retiring from his career in sales effective January 1, 2015.

Larry's professionalism and work ethics helped our business grow quickly and become a player in the compressed gas container business. We have learned much from Larry, and will continue to service our customers just as Larry has been doing. Customers needing assistance can call ENK Tenofour Customer Service at 419-661-1465 or email
Thank you very much, Larry! Congratulations on a successful career and best wishes for an enjoyable retirement.
Putting together your own tube trailer for inert or flammable gases? Contact us and ask about DOT 3AAX 2400 psig and 2900 psig tubes we have in stock. You'll love our offer.
Sold as is. Caps are brand new with glossy or matte grey paint. May have light scratches from shipment and storage. Limited quantity. Contact us today.
Cap Dimensions - Base Width: 80 mm with 11 threads, Height: 150 mm
We have a BRAND NEW Big J Niner tube trailer in stock and ready to ship. This unit is optimized for helium transportation - haul up to 154,000 cf of Helium per trip.
Why wait when we have one in stock? Contact us today for an attractive outright purchase or lease offer.